Open Research

We publish our research using public repositories and welcome contribution via pull requests.

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Social Automation

We simplify the process of distributing research to multiple networks and optimize the feedback loop.

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Copy Left

Because our research is free to use, we ask that derivative work is also distributed freely after a 3mo proprietary period.

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Insight Earned Through Practice

Insight comes from a combination of critical thinking and practice. There are plenty of places to get information and "insights" that lack one of these two elements, and lead to decisions made without context.

The goal of open research is to enable practitioners to distill insight earned through practice, share in a manner that can be re-shared easily, and elicit feedback to further improve the insights.

Our network of experienced practitioners include DevOps, Agile, API, automation, and software development engineers that refactor their work into useful insights for other engineers to improve their practice.


Next Steps...

We are still in our initial launch phase. If you're interested in contributing, contact us and let us know how you'd like to contribute.